Augmented Sound Murals
The augmented sound mural invites you to an immersive experience in a unique space where the viewer, equipped with a smartphone or tablet, can activate through a web application, animated augmented reality scenes and literary and/or scientific sound content.

It is printed on eco-friendly fabrics, banners or on poster paper and can be presented in a monumental format (2.5m * 7.5m / 2.5m * 10m) or in other homothetic formats to fit your venue.

Proposed mediation tools: mediation kit, animated and sound image cards, creative workshops, and conferences.

Our collection
The Universal Forest
(available from January 2024)
La forêt universelle
In the IUCN Red List (version 2022.2), of the 150,388 species studied, 42,108 are classified as threatened. Among these species, 41% of amphibians, 13% of birds, and 27% of mammals are threatened with extinction worldwide. This is also true for 37% of sharks and rays and 36% of reef-building corals.

Viewers can stroll through a spectacular forest in the Universal Forest mural and discover ten endangered animal species. At the end of their journey, they can access educational content about nature.

Monumental format : 2,5m * 7,5m

Languages: : French and English (in progress)

Mockup of the monumental mural in augmented reality


This project was one of the 4 finalists of the new XR VR residency of the Villa Medicis and Taiwan XR Residency in connection with the French office of Taiwan during the New Images Festival in Paris in 2022.

Research - Mockup of the monumental work when the animals come to life in augmented reality and get colored

For each of the identified animals, the viewer must scan the animals of the work via the application in order to animate them and access the related sound content.

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Fondation Jan Michalski

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Part of the Mural is shown during the Biennal of creativity at the Shadok in Strasbourg - ACCRO

The Floating Cities
(available from July 2025)
Villes flottantes
While 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and the ocean produces between 50% and 75% of the oxygen we breathe, creating new spaces in the oceans is an idea that has gained momentum, moving from utopia to the study and implementation of concrete projects. But can we imagine environmentally friendly floating cities?

In the «Floating Cities» mural, the viewer is invited to stroll through different floating cities composed of architectural elements and devices (biomimicry, urban reorganization, presence of plants in the city, etc.) that provide answers to current ecological and societal challenges. Augmented reality animated scenes are coupled with documentary or poetic sound content, inviting the public to think about or question the city of tomorrow.

Monumental format : 2.5m * 10m

Languages: : French and English

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Villes flottantes - partenaires

Présentation of the first part of the mural and a creative workshop:
• La nuit de chercheurs at the Shadok in Strasbourg (September 2023)
• At the Sainte-Sophie school & the Josy Barthel Mamer (LJBM) High School in Luxembourg, organised by the French Institue of Luxembourg (October 2023)

Flying High
(in progress)
Climate change impacts biodiversity, particularly on birds’ life cycle and migration. On average, it is estimated that birds advance their return date every ten years by two days, while spring advances by 6 to 7 days. Furthermore, the increase in temperatures has an impact on migratory routes. While some birds migrate shorter distances, others see their migration stop completely.

In the Flying High fresco, viewers can walk through several ecosystems to meet endemic birds and discover migratory birds connecting the five continents. Each animation scene is coupled with a story about birds, and the viewer has access to scientific content that allows them to understand the impact of climate change on birds.

Languages: : French and English

They support us:

À tire d’ailes - partenaires

We are attentive to our carbon footprint
These frescoes are printed on fabrics, on ecoresponsible tarpaulins or on poster paper and can be printed in different homothetic formats in order to adapt to different places (museums, libraries, festivals, classrooms...)

Depending on the distance, these frescoes can be printed by our structure and be sent to you or be printed by you (provision of the PDF file in high definition HD).

Do you want to develop an augmented sound fresco on another theme? Don’t hesitate to contact us.
« We believe in the power of art to reveal the beauty of nature and to raise awareness of the need to preserve it. »
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