Giant augmented sound pop-ups with AR
The giant augmented sound pop-up is a monumental pop-up that allows the viewer, equipped with a smartphone or a tablet, to trigger augmented reality animation scenes and sound, literary and/or scientific content, thanks to a web application.

It is produced and printed with eco-friendly materials and integrated into a suitcase reminiscent of an old travel trunk.

Proposed mediation tools: mediation kit, small format augmented sound pop-up in a case, cards with animated images and sounds, creative workshops, and conferences.

Our collection
The Baobab
1,75m x 1,75m x 1,5m

La forêt universelle
The Baobab, known as the «Tree of Stories», has enormous cultural, social, and symbolic value. It is the heart of rituals concerning birth or death. It is where people meet, listen to the griot...

The giant augmented sound, popup tree of Baobab is part of the transmedia project «Trees-Worlds», which aims to extend the reflection on man’s relationship with nature through the universal archetype of the tree. The viewer is invited to animate the animals of the baobab ecosystem (hornbill, monkey, and hare) in augmented reality to listen to reimagined tales from East Africa, narrated and set to music. A sensory journey through listening and sight at the heart of the pop-up!

Language : French

The Movable Book Society

Among the Meggendorfer Prize for Artist Books 2023 finalists from the Movable Book Society (USA)

The Dragon’s Blood Tree of Socotra
(in progress)
The Dragon’s Blood Tree of Socotra, or «Sangre de Drago,» is shrouded in mystery and appears to come from another space and time. Its leaves, turned towards the sky, collect moisture from the mists, essential to the survival of the fauna and flora. Its trunk, once opened, «bleeds» and releases a red resin... Witness to its importance to the Socotri people, numerous legends and poems are dedicated to it. But today, this mythical tree is in danger of extinction.

The viewer is invited to animate in augmented reality the animals of the dragon’s blood tree ecosystem (snake, Egyptian vulture, and chameleon) and listen to myths in French and Arabic, voiced over and accompanied by music from the mysterious island of Socotra, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site...
As a bonus: an invitation to discover Socotri poetry.

Languages : French and Arab

Mockup of the giant dragon blood tree pop-up from Socotra

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