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Elsa MROZIEWICZ is a multidisciplinary artist: illustrator, pop-up engineer, director and author. She has a DNSEP degree from the H.E.A.R. in Strasbourg. Her works invite the audience to dive into narrative, dreamlike and poetic worlds with mythological influences. She likes to play with the limits between reality and fiction.
Elsa has created numerous animated artist’s books, illustrated books and has been published in France, Germany and distributed internationally. Her artist’s books have been exhibited in museums, fairs and media libraries such as in the United States at New York’s Columbia University, at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, in Prague at the B1 Centre for contemporary design, in Italy at the Milan Design Week,or in France at the Malraux media library in Strasbourg. In 2013, she won the BEST INTERACTIV BOOK award at the ART BOOK WANTED in Prague for her sculpture book Cannes 08.09.
In 2016 she illustrated the book Yoga Für Kinder published by Prestel. In 2018 and 2019 her triangular flap books Peek-a who ? and Peeka- who too ? were published by Minedition in Germany, France, the USA, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and China. They have received a lot of enthusiastic feedback from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, News & Observers, and awards. In 2021 she created illustrations for the book Pages d’arbres, shortlisted at the Bologna International Book Fair for the BOLOGNARAGAZZI CROSSMEDIA AWARD 2022.
She works on collective transmedia projects such as «ARBRESMONDES » (WORLS-TREES), with a transversal approach to artistic disciplines. Her collective work «l’ombre magique», an augmented reality fresco, was presented at Sélestat’s contemporary art Biennial in 2021.
She makes stop motion animated films for music videos, documentaries and personal projects.
She regularly works with cultural organisations for professional training in creative professions (pop-up books) and for workshops and artistic mediation.

Pop-up Book
Monumentale Freco
Coordination of projects
Art Direction
2D Animation and Stop Motion

As a writer, she has published several books, such as a monograph on the artist Flore Sigrist, a collection of short stories Apocalypse entre deux eaux (Corridor Elephant), a novel Morphée (Editions Artisfolio) and audio books L’épopée de Noé and Garance et le Maître des couleurs (Editions Les Mots en soie) and contributed, as an author, to the documentary film T’es qui toi? presented at the Short Film corner of the Cannes Festival in 2006.
In 2018 she published an essay on crowdfunding with Presses Universitaires de France. She is also working on transmedia projects, NORD SUD (NORTH SOUTH) (web book and leporello) published in 2019 and ARBRES-MONDES (WORLD-TREES) (web book, augmented fresco, giant pop up book, sound path) produced in 2021.
She is currently working on a project to record and translate the Socotri poetry from Yemen and to write a documentary on the Socotra dragon tree.
She has worked in several art galleries and is president of the association La Plume de Paon which works for the development of audio books and has published the first Guide to French-speaking audio book publishers.
Since 2010, she has been a lecturer on «Digital challenges in the cultural field» in several Masters and MBA courses, including the Master’s in Cultural Policy and Management at the IEP in Strasbourg. She is also the founder of the training and consultancy agency NUMERED Conseil, dedicated to cultural professionals facing the digital transformation. In this capacity, she regularly intervenes with several regional structures for books (PILEn, ARL PACA, ARALD...) and for the French Institute, in France and abroad.

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Literary Direction
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« We believe in the power of art to reveal the beauty of nature and to raise awareness of the need to preserve it. »
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